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Pregnancy and Birth

Sense of the world's most beautiful women are having a period ending nine months of pregnancy is one of the most special times. In this period the most intense femininity of women are different from the physical as well as emotional needs. Emotional ups and downs, livable, more and more attention may need to be increased and sensitivity. Sometimes the opposite of the pregnancy, the more motivated, energetic, happy and excited much more can develop. During this period, until the other person to understand you and your's important to understand yourself. Hormonlarınızdan emotional changes I've had to remember that you can not control yourself you will understand.

Facilities will be changes in your needs. All stages of pregnancy, on the advice of your doctor you will receive a variety of supplements, vitamins and medicines. This also helps you stay healthy individual you meet the needs of your body. Most women who are pregnant to refrain from anything else, think that the movement restrictions. The most important thing to note is that "Pregnancy is not a disease." Special measures which do not have a risky pregnancy and your doctor not having a normal life as an individual resume, you can enjoy your pregnancy. During this period, a healthy diet and do exercises recommended by your doctor will be useful for you and your baby.
Fear of childbirth during pregnancy happen from time to time. Remember that a healthy physiological condition of labor and birth and reassure yourself dreaming of the day that you receive the tiny baby on your lap.