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About Us

Kardeşler Uçan Yağlar Sanayi A.Ş. was founded as a family company in 1957. Initially, the company provided machinery, raw materials and packaging to food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries by becoming sole repsentatives of many foreign in Turkey.

The company started and therefore introduced the first wet wipes category to Turkey’s developing personal care and hygienic prdoducts market.

In the economic crisis environment of 1994, the company decided to produce wet wipes and became the first producer of wet wipes in Turkey.

After the establishment of the export department in 1998, the company started to expand to new markets.

Following the increasing demand for capacity and the insuficiency of the existing production facility, the company acquired a second production facility at Gebze Plastics Producers Organized Industrial Zone over 10.000 m2


For more information you can visit www.kardeslerucanyaglar.com