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"Specially formulated for use on thin, fragile nails without drying out the nails or surrounding skin"

Fresh'n Soft Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover helps you to remove your nail polish - even the darker colours -  with its acetone free formulation. With its special formulation it helps to protect and nourish your nails.

"Fresh'n Soft" Makeup Removal Wipes


Fresh’n Soft Premium Make-up Remover Wipes are specially developed for your skin type.

Fresh’n Soft Intim Hygienic Wet Wipes For External Genital Use


Fresh'n Soft Intim Hygienic Wet Wipe For External Genital Use is providing a hygienic solution in daily life and on special occasions.

Fresh'n Soft Breast Pads

Soft, Absorbent and Hygienic breast pads for breast-feeding period. Enables the nipples to remain dry through absorbing the excess milk after lactation. 

Fresh’n Soft Wet Toilet Wipes / Travel

Fresh'n Soft Wet Toilet Wipes which provides effective cleansing for adults through its soft, thick texture and wetness. 

Fresh'n Soft Sweat Absorbent Pads

Fresh'n Soft Sweat Absorbent Pads is produced asa solution for the wetness and smell in armpit. It is used by sticking it to the inside of clothes touching the armpit. 

Fresh'n Soft Deo Wipes / Sachet

Fresh'n Soft Deo Wipes helps prevent odor from sweating while giving freshness and a pleasant odor to skin without closing the pores. 

Fresh'n Soft Makeup Cleansing Pad
Makeup adjustment bar